Positive News for Climate Change -170 World Leaders Agree to Eliminate CFCs

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World Leaders Agree to End use of HFCs

They are in your air conditioner, your fridge and more... and the planet needs them gone. HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) are powerful greenhouse toxins. Eliminating them will have a significant positive impact on climate change. Oct 15th, 2016: leaders from 170 nations launched a historic global plan to pare down the use of environmentally harmful chemicals known as HFCs. Good News Network reports:

HFCs – also known as hydrofluorocarbons – is a powerful kind of greenhouse emission found in air conditioning units and refrigerators that trap 1,000 times more heat than carbon dioxide. If left unchecked, global HFC emissions could grow to be equivalent to 19 percent of total carbon dioxide emissions in 2050.

It takes skill and commitment for leaders to take what certain commercial interests may initially see as a tough stance. We are making progress however, and leadership at the global and community level is joining forces. Leonard DiCaprio, well known for his environmental activism spoke re the issue (UN Web TV): see video here.


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