Physician Breaks Rules – Changes Seniors’ Lives

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They Needed a Truck to Take Away the Wheelchairs

“Within six weeks, they had to send a truck around to pick up all the wheelchairs,” Dr Bill Thomas told the Washington Post. His rule-breaking approach to undoing what was not working for the nursing home residents under his care have brought astonishing results.

Though animals in nursing homes were illegal at the time he was transferred to the New York nursing home from his busy Emergency Department post, he went ahead and initiated the bringing in of animals. Lots of animals. And other strategies. Dogs, cats, hens, rabbits, one hundred parakeets, plants galore, a flower garden, vegetable patch – these are some of the changes he brought in.

Stats? Though Dr Thomas’ strategies have now been around for some time, most nursing homes and assisted living residences have a long long way to go to achieve the level of positive change seen in the facilities using the approach ‘all out’. Here are 2 flagship results. Here are 2 flagship results:

  • a 50% drop in medical prescriptions
  • a dramatic decrease in death rates

This is leadership. Dr Thomas’ Eden Alternative approach has spread far and wide, with applications for people of all ages and types of communities.  Read the full story with related links on Good News Network.

Or see the video below to learn more about Dr Bill Thomas’ Age of Disruption North American tour… and change what we think about aging.

Gisele Guenard, Principal – VisionarEase & Associates

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