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Not tomorrow… Today!

Not tomorrow... Today!

Not tomorrow... Today!

Everyone has pivotal moments when a few words can literally change our lives. I'm sharing with you here, a short anecdote which I experienced on Christmas Day 2017. After our annual friends and family Christmas party, complete with  jam session, huge turkey and all the trimmings, our guests were going home. Standing in the entrance, to bid farewell to family my daughter Sarah’s in-laws, Ursula and Herv Sauvé, I asked Herv a question. You see, Herv and Ursula are super healthy, super active, community-engaged world traveling seniors. They are a force to be reckoned with, and have led many improvements to our city environment.

I asked Herv, “What do you do exactly, to stay so fit and healthy?” Now I know they ski, they bicycle, they walk. And more. And I expected an answer around those particular types of physical activities. But instead, Herv just looked me in the eye, bent his elbow, pointed his finger suddenly at the floor as he said, “Well I tell myself this.  Not tomorrow… Today!”

It struck me like a bolt of lightning. Those three words held power. You know, for those times when you just don't feel like it, and you think “I'll skip a day and I'll exercise tomorrow?”  It's what my parents used to call willpower. Though I understand that's not a popular term anymore. However Not tomorrow… Today!  is a powerful solution to the challenge in procrastinating about exercise, making tough decisions, starting healthy habits, and changing life patterns which do not serve us.

I've shared this story a few times now, with the same result every time. Everyone feels it when they hear Not tomorrow… Today!  Especially with the hand and finger coming down pointing to the floor to emphasize Today. Merci, Herv - tu nous inspire !

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