About Us

About VisionarEase Inc. & associates

Our Mission
To empower people and groups with the skills to create positive change

We achieve our Mission by delivering high value services to support the achievement of our Client’s goals.

We are proud to introduce you to (1) our Associates, link below, and (2) our image Gallery.

Core Services:

Client Centered Governance (R) Board Education
  • Client Centered Governance ® Board Education Seminars

    Governance support is our core business. We have served Boards of all sizes from many sectors across Canada since 2007.  We deliver the Client Centered Governance ® Certificate Program, a 1-Day session, in English et en francais.

We also provide standard Leadership and Consulting services as well as Executive & Life Coaching:

VisionarEase Inc. is a Canadian, federally incorporated, family owned business, founded in 2007. Based in Sudbury Ontario, we deliver positive change leadership and consulting services across Canada. VisionarEase Inc. Trademarks/Copyrights include: Client Centered Governance ® / Creative Life Coaching System & Tools (c) / Published: Attract It - Beyond Positive Thinking (c - Registered) / Help - Healthy Thinking in Times of Trouble (c)    Meet our  Associates Below

VisionarEase Principal  - Gisèle Guénard is known for her Award-winning, effective, upbeat leadership, speaking, coaching and change initiatives within the public and private sector. An RN, author and Masters- level prepared leader, she has extensive experience in board education, executive leadership, corporate facilitation, executive coaching, organizational development and governance support.

Clients – We have references available from small and large agencies across Canada, as well as individuals from various fields.


We are proud of the high quality services VisionarEase has been able to deliver across Canada with our expert Associates.

VisionarEase has an expert network of professionals ready to assist for large or specialized projects. This includes experts in the fields of executive leadership, wellness & life coaching, human resources, strategic planning, health care, education, project management, Lean, communication, business development and integration. We would also like to thank our wonderful group of Executive Support Associates for their outstanding work in serving our Clients: they are featured in the list here. Meet some of our valued Associates in Canada and the Netherlands. Click images or links to be re-directed to associate websites or contact links.

Meet them here:    VisionarEase associates