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Why we Welcome Census 2016 Canada Data

Canada Census 2016


The Data Drought is Over

Boards, leaders and Canadian citizens in all walks are more than happy with the return of the Long Form Census and Statistics Canada’s release of 2016 Census Data as of today!  After the fiasco of ‘short-form only’ data results, planners and service providers in every field can now base decisions on real, comprehensive data. Here are examples of 2016 census data now available: Browse by Subject

Below is a table of the Canadian 2016 Census Program release schedule.

Why do We Care?  We need key information for  planning, development and improvement of our quality of life. Effective decision-making by governance and leadership teams is based on information that is:

  • reliable
  • current
  • accurate
  • detailed

With the above data in hand we can more effectively plan services, improve our quality of life and solve problems.

Democracy and Statistical information

Good stats and democracy are linked: this linkage is the basis for a healthy society, as we the people can evaluate decisions made by our governance teams, and government at all levels. Good data helps us know whether or not our leaders are serving effectively. Examples:

  •  When planning a health system change, data about the number and age of people and the health conditions they have or will have, helps predict usage of services as well as needs emerging. This is key in justifying cost.
  • Planning an education system? You will need to forecast the number of students likely to need schools, to plan for building schools in the best locations.
  • Starting a not for profit agency?  Census data will help you decide the best governance matrix, or board member mix you will want to democratically install, to fulfill your agency’s mandate.

2016 Census Program release schedule

Release dates, 2016 Census Program
Release date Release topic
February 8, 2017 Population and dwelling counts
May 3, 2017 Age and sex

Type of dwelling

May 10, 2017 Census of Agriculture
August 2, 2017 Families, households and marital status


September 13, 2017 Income
October 25, 2017 Immigration and ethnocultural diversity


Aboriginal peoples

November 29, 2017 Education


Journey to work

Language of work

Mobility and migration


Release dates, 2016 Census geography products
Release date Census geography products
November 16, 2016
  • Spatial information products
    • Boundary files, first edition
    • Road network files
    • Hydrography files
  • Reference maps, first edition
  • Attribute information products (correspondence files)
  • Reference guides and documents, first edition
February 8, 2017
  • Spatial information products
    • Boundary files, second edition
  • Reference maps, second edition
  • Attribute information products (GeoSuite, Geographic Attribute File)
  • Reference guides and documents, second edition

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