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Ask a Question – Save Your Life

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Canadian Patient Safety Week

Do you know what health questions you should be asking to save your own life or the life of a loved one? Every time you are being administered medication, get a new prescription, or any type of health care, certain questions could save your life.

“They Started with the same Letter” – I was recently handed a dangerously incorrect prescription by a new pharmacist at my local pharmacy. Because he asked me a particular question, the fact that it was the wrong medication was revealed. The medication he was prepared to give me would have been dangerous to me. As an RN, I probably would have picked up the error before taking it: however, what if I was unwell and didn’t? The only similarity between the Right Medication and the Wrong Medication was that they both started with the letter “T”.

Leading Positive Change – This week the Canadian Patient Safety Institute hosts the annual Canadian Patient Safety Week, with the Questions Save Lives Campaign.  Take a look at the image below and start using these questions. Share them with your family. It’s time that we as patients and family members begin to be more comfortable and confident asking the questions that could literally save our lives or the lives of our children and loved ones.

Boards & Health Professionals  –  To my colleague Boards and Health Care professionals, please see the excellent CPSI tools available to support you in your governance, leadership and front line work in patient safety.

5 questions to save your life


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